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Just the savings alone can make you feel good.

Generic Drugs are available from USA, Canada and other countries.
Imported drugs are not always generic, they can also be Brand-Name products.

General health information
Lifestyle, alternative medicines, diet, excercise, awareness and prevention can be the key to overall health.
Mayo Clinic  Web MD

Search for information about a specific medicine:

Generic Drugs Frequently Asked Questions:
Government and regulatory bodies address the common questions about safety, equivalency and effectiveness.  Canadian generics

Become informed about Generic Drugs:
For information about the manufacture, marketing, patents, clinical research and the approval process required.
CDER  generic drugs encyclopedia  Health Canada

Other good sites for drug information, Federal and state subsidies, manufacturer lists etc.:
Articles on health topics, drugs, suppliments and some videos and tutorials including one from the National Library of Medicine to help you understand medical terminology:
MedLine Plus

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